eBook: Being a lead software developer

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What is a Lead Software Developer

  • What about a senior software developer?
  • Should you want to be a Lead Software Developer

Your team

  • Keep tabs on your peers and surroundings
  • Stay on the lookout for suitable training
  • Regular knowledge sharing sessions
  • Supporting the work of others
  • Onboarding new team members
  • Coaching
  • Pair programming
  • Leading

The business

  • Planning
  • Translating
  • Fighting for technical progress


  • Notetaking
  • Scheduling your time
  • On being reliable
  • Coding
  • Learning
  • Communicating
  • Meetings

Learn from my experience of being a lead developer

You worked hard. Solving problems and coding smart solutions is your thing. And then there is a day where the bomb is dropped. "Would you like to be promoted to the team's lead developer?"

This was my reality a few years ago. I did not know much about being a lead developer.  I  worked with many great ones over the years. But now I had to become one.

I had to learn new skills, consider factors outside of my comfort zone. But… I had to learn.

In this book I compiled my notes and day to day practices. And now you can benefit from this.

Be the best lead software developer you can be. Learn best practices for being a great lead software developer. Every software developer at some point will have the opportunity to become a lead software developer. Definitions of what exactly a lead software developer is are different, but in this book I will provide you with best practices and tools to be the best lead developer you can be. For yourself, your peers and the business leaders you are working with.

On a number of topical areas I will go into details about the lessons I learned when growing into my role as a lead software developer. Everybody's environment is different, but I think there is something useful in this book for everyone.

After the initial publication I plan on releasing updated versions of the book based on the feedback I receive and additional experience I have gained on the subject matter.

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Best practices, tips and tools to have maximum impact and result. Make sure your can perform at a sustainable pace.


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eBook: Being a lead software developer

9 ratings
I want this!